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Was that PT?

Did you receive a comprehensive Home Exercise Program (HEP) as part of your last physical therapy experience?  Or, did you leave PT feeling like your therapist barely had time to explain your therapy and instead "Handed  out  Exercise Photocopies" (HEP) of a few "cookie cutter" exercises that looked like they had belonged to another patient with a similar diagnosis? The second scenario, unfortunately, was most likely what you received for your HEP. 

I created this site to help individuals gain a greater understanding of what your physical therapy experience should have included, real patient education.   I hope my physical therapy coach will also serve as a professional resource for physical therapists and by sharing this educational content, perhaps enhance the future of the profession. 

For Patients:

"My physical therapy coach site provides a brief description of a beginning list of some of the most common musculoskeletal injuries which physical therapists and sports medicine specialists treat often as well as an outline of initial treatment guidelines.  With full access to my site you'll get quality physical therapy coaching advice delivered free each month direct from my Coach's Clipboard simply by Subscribing to Health-E-News"

David P Dansereau, MS,PT

Attention Physical Therapists: see how this site may help you too!

Educate yourself about your Physical Therapy needs:

I've built this resource with the goal to strive to empower you through education.  An understanding of the root cause of injuries allows for treatment of the entire problem, not just the symptoms.

Here's a quick example of cause vs. symptoms:

The common thread in most of the adult-sports-injuries I treat in my private physical therapy practice  relates directly to extra body weight on the scale.  As you review these top adult-sports- injuries and link to the articles that describe the common signs / symptoms and causes you'll see that top on most of the lists for added risk of injury are  carrying extra body weight.

My Top Ten :

Orthopedic Injuries and how excess body weight relates:


ACL / Knee Injury


Back Strain

Hamstring Strain





Shoulder /Neck Pain

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The rest is up to you.

Best of Success,

David P. Dansereau, MS,PT


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